About Us

Vendorsng.com (Vng) was born out of the desire to create an opportunity for businesses and service providers to reach a wider scope of those in need of their services, expertise, and wares. Thus, enabling them to grow and attain their full potentials.
In Nigeria, while our economic and social challenges pose a threat to the sustenance of budding businesses, the need and requests for such expertise, talents, and products abound and are on the rise.
As jobs thin-out for our youths, skills are often born, ideas float everywhere, and we dream of what we could do not just to survive but to prosper. Vng thus becomes a hub where plausible dreams become possible.

We recognise that there are similar platforms where buyers find sellers.
At Vng, we present vendors with “Hand Work”, skills, expertise, products sort after by other businesses, accessories that amplify your business, opportunity buys, price slashes, etc.
Access our “DEAL FOR ME” menu and tell us specifically what you want us to do for you, find for you, get for you, or where you want us to go for you.

Our core values sets us apart as we:
• Listen
• Understand
• Empathize
• Complete the task, and
Our watch word is Integrity

…is to become a leading vendors hub, providing a wider reach for our vendors, and easing their accessibility to customers/clients.

…is to create a seamless means of finding vendors and getting results in a quality manner.

While our drive is to furnish clients/Customers with vendors who can meet their needs, we recognise the risk of fraud and dubious elements.
As such we STRONGLY ADVICE clients/customers and vendors to deal in person to avert any form of loss.
Or utilise our “DEAL FOR ME” menu which is secure.

Please Note!

• Vendorsng.com reserves the right to terminate subscriptions of any vendor deemed to be acting fraudulently or against the Nigerian constitution in anyway.

• Vendorsng.com is not responsible/liable for direct transactions between customers/clients and it’s subscribed vendors. This is an online advert/showcase medium.

• Vendorsng.com is ONLY responsible/liable for transactions via it’s ‘Deal for me’ option.

• Vendorsng.com will report any identified scammer to the relevant authority.